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NEE19 smallestNatural Event has designed and operates the most effective, practical, enjoyable and appraised toilet system for festivals, events and gatherings where people poo. Natural Event was created after the organisers of the Festival of ‘Folk Rhythm and Life’, in Victoria Australia, came to understand that the toilet system they had created to cater for their three day festival, had national and international relevance. Natural Event has risen to meet the demand that festivals have around the world, a demand that starts with the need to respect. Respect for the patrons, respect to the use of water and respect for the reduction in energy needed to transport and treat the previously massive quantities of waste produced. Patrons at camping festivals in particular, always complain about the toilets. By firstly listening to the people, and then seeking answers, a problem turns into a hugely positive component of the event. There can be no real comparison of Natural Event’s impact to the traditional suck and pump system of the port a loos. We have no smell at all, even in the blistering Australian sun, five days into a huge camping festival.

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Simply, Natural Event has pioneered the introduction of composting toilet solutions to festivals around the world. Having begun our impact in 2000 with an alternative toilet system that has the design and durability to service any demand. Natural Event Composting Toilet Systems are, Changing the World from the Bottom Up. Natural Event wishes to give evidence that it is possible to change a huge festival or a small group for the better by having a decent, if not inspiring moment for the movement. By showing that we can achieve this humble aim with large numbers we are also showing that it is possible for any sized group of people any where to be able to manage their daily deposits with out fear, and with out water and energy being unnecessarily consumed. From Festivals and events, weddings, to the suburban home & new housing developments, rural and remote settings, to disaster relief and chronic sanitation needs, the time has arrived to do more with less.


Hamish Skermer at TEDxSydney 2015. Being interviewed by 702 ABC Sydney. At the Green Events Europe 2013 conference.



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World Leader

Natural Event is the world leader in waterless, odour free, composting toilet solutions for festivals, events and gatherings where people poo.


Natural Event helps events to become a natural event, by treating the natural event as a natural event!

Instant Cities

There are many proven composting toilet options for the home and domestic situations. Natural Event takes this to an entirely new level and market – instant cities!

Alternative Environmental Toilet Systems

Natural Event offers complete hire of cubicles and urinals and can also tailor design a system to suit particular conditions and various site requirements. Natural Event can provide plans and designs for permanently installed systems offering absolute peace of mind to event managers who are clear that their event will continue at the same site.

By using Natural Event, festivals make a clear statement that they have had enough of the ever dreaded port a loo. The days are over where you expect cramped stinking boxes or over flowing trucks. Now there is no need to use harmful chemicals to store or treat toilet waste.

With 10 years experience in the Event Industry in Australia and 5 years in UK & Europe – Natural Event can deliver.

  • Installation, management and servicing of temporary Composting Toilet and Urinal facilities.
  • Holistic event sanitation planning and management.
  • Consultancy, design and management of permanent composting toilet systems to event and site requirements.
  • Wastewater & composting systems for food stalls and organic waste.
  • Linkage with leading resource-recycling teams (previously referred to as waste management)

Natural Event can provide for any size need, from a single loo, to enough to suit an army! In the natural world there is no such thing as ‘waste’. All organisms degrade and have their intrinsic nutrients taken up by other life forms. Nature provides the ultimate example of recycling. Natural Event replicates the rain forest floor in recycling organic material and nutrients. By combining human toilet deposits with a carbon based bulking material and oxygen, Natural Event creates an environment where a previous environmental and health issue becomes magnificent soil conditioner.

A Natural Event system allows a festival to improve the property it is held on rather than cause an over all negative impact.


Save 100% of water use

Uses no chemicals in treatment process

Requires no energy at all during treatment

End product may be applied to improve soil conditions

We do not need to use drinking water to flush. We use no chemicals. We only use recycled paper. If urine cannot be stored or treated on site then we reduce by 90% volumes taken away by suck trucks.

Whole Festival Environmental Improvements

Natural Event offers much experience and consultancy in creating the entire festival to be a natural event. We take the hierarchy of RE USE, REDUCE and RECYCLE to all elements of an event. This can include preparing a brief for stallholders to arranging for recycling systems for packaging produced during the event. In particular, Natural Event aims to integrate all organic ‘waste’ streams into onsite composting and worm farms thus minimising the amount of ‘rubbish’ being taken to landfill.


Natural Event assists event managers in becoming leaders in minimal environmental impact


Natural Event is a premiere system for premiere events.



  • Flat packing, modular cubicle units suitable for adults & children
  • Men’s Urinal by the meter (from 6 men to 6000 at one time)
  • Woman’s Urinal standing & squatting varieties

United Kingdom/Europe

  • Flat packing, modular cubicle units suitable for adults & children
  • Men’s Urinal by the meter (from 6 men to 6000 at one time)
  • Woman’s Urinal standing & squatting varieties
  • Purpose designed flat packing kids loos suitable up to age of 8 (units of 3)
  • 30 berth Artic Trailer

United States

  • Coming Soon!


A Natural Event: Changing the World From the Bottom Up

It is our belief that every event can suffer from their sanitary facilities and the challenges of waste management. We know it’s possible to avoid and reduce waste created at events and recycle much of that organic waste through compost and vermiculture techniques. We also know that a large proportion of that waste is avoidable if composting toilets services are used and that this is the most effective way to provide toilet facilities at large outdoor events such as music festivals, and other cultural and sporting events.

In Nature, the paradigm of waste does not exist. “Waste” as a concept is a totally human invention. We are far better of thinking of waste as an unprocessed by-product. In fact all of the material exiting the body can cease being considered as waste. By harnessing the innate energy and nutrients we don’t have to dispose of anything. A good dump makes a great festival. Patrons feel looked after, event managers are at ease, and the event sets an example in sustainability to the rest of society.

Change happens in the world through revolutions, or incrementally, through local decisions. As drops in an ocean and drops in a bucket are still the same size, they create different amounts of change. If a change can make so many people happy at a festival, with their shared use of a space, then that change becomes the new normal, the accepted. These sorts of good ideas are contagious.

We believe that patrons using Natural Event toilets will be aware of their small but important change to something that every one in the world deals with. We help people understand that if they want to help anyone or anything then dealing with their own crap first is a beautiful place to start. It also symbolises a decision to have a perception adjustment.

Festivals are themselves a cultural force. Festival organisers have the opportunity to cast a form of Utopia, according to the values and the wishes of the community they represent and create. Increasingly, Festival managers understand the power they can have to influence their patrons’ lives at the event, and to inspire great possibilities for the living outside the festival bounds.

If what Natural Event does can be done on a large scale for a festival, then it can certainly happen at a domestic level. Festivals show their councils and society in general that it is possible to do on a large scale, and small scale.

Imagine the impact on water storage levels, in reservoirs for massive and smaller cities everywhere, if the drinking water was not used to flush the loos. The effect can be more pronounced when considering houses on tank water.

Farms should not be nutrient mines. The harvesting of crops takes away nutrients from the soil in its mass. These nutrients are replenished by importing nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, (NPK), mostly sourced from inorganic sources such as fossil fuels and mining Pacific islands to the coral core for guano. The nutrients, from the farms, having passed through the human body, are then taken away via water borne transport to a central processing area. Here energy is applied to remove the recently added nutrient load from the water that brought it to the processing plant. In may cases the excess nutrients are then pumped out into the ocean, changing the ecosystem and thus affecting the marine food chain as well as the land food chain.

If it were possible to systematically return the excess nutrients after human use back to the land then we would simply be acknowledging our participation in our own eco logical nutrient and food cycle. It is basic chemistry meets biology, means life situation.

Nature grows the seed, incorporating carbon from the air and all other nutrients from the soil. We eat the fruit, extracting vitamins, fiber, and energy and then pass on liquid and mass high in nitrogen, the most easily lost nutrient.

The liquid and mass then pass in to the soil and are recaptured by the root system of the plant.

The world should be eating food that has been grown in soil incorporating the nutrients from our own poo, as well as all the animal poo we create through farming.

Perhaps some patrons of the toilets may install composting toilets in their home. Maybe some one might engage another positive change or even attitude somewhere else. We also aim to encourage the use of energy and water efficient technology like light bulbs and showerheads. We hope this site will grow as a resource for sustainable products and systems for other purposes. It’s all good stuff.

Power to the people.
Feed the worms


Natural Event has operated at over 240 events across 6 countries in the last 10 years.

We have been instrumental in facilitating policy change and acceptance for the collection, management and treatment of composting toilet material across municipalities in Victoria, NSW, QLD and Tasmania in Australia, and on a national level in England. We have stimulated the public and event managers demand for an alternative toilet provision that addresses the reduction of waste and a dignified experience.
We are the most experienced company in the large-scale installation and management of composting toilets.


United Kingdom


Habitat Festival

Permanent Systems

Natural Event can provide consultation, design and management services for the installation of permanent composting toilet systems, on ground management, and vermiculture treatment processes.

For festivals that have secure tenure of their site and are committed to reducing the environmental impact of their event, we highly recommend considering our permanent composting toilet system. We assist your transition to make a positive choice not only for the environment but for your patrons and long-term budget as well.

The Natural Event concept and system has been up-taken by some of Australia’s largest camping festivals.

Meredith Music Festival

In 2006 the iconic and long running Meredith Music Festival began the transition from the standard port a loo after trailing Natural Events’ Composting toilet system.

The feedback on the new composting loos was universally positive. They would be about the biggest hit we’ve ever had in 16 years. Our thanks to Natural Event for their input and wisdom” Meredith Organiser

By 2009 Meredith Music Festival had converted to 100% site wide permanent composting toilets based on the Natural Event design, system and management techniques.

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Falls Festival

The Falls Festival began using Natural Event Compost Toilets in 2003 after seeing them in action at Natural Event’s origin festival, ‘Folk Rhythm & Life’ . Over several years of working closely with the festival and the local environmental authorities in both Victoria and Tasmania, Natural Event facilitated the festival’s complete transition to self-managed permanent systems across both sites.

The Natural Event composting toilet system and management techniques have contributed significantly to the recognition and awards that the festival has received in relation to sustainable innovation and practice. Director Simon Daly is continually noted in media for his pride and satisfaction in the system.

The Falls Festival, awarded for environmental excellence
2007 – Banksia – Peoples Choice Award
2008 – Greener Festival Award

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Rainbow Serpent Festival

Natural Event supplied site wide toilets as Rainbow Serpent Festival grew from a 6000 person capacity to 12000. Our services finally culminated in the site wide, permanent installation of the Natural Event system once the festival attained secure tenure of its venue in 2010.

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We congratulate Meredith, The Falls and Rainbow Serpent festivals for following through with Natural Event’s environmental initiative and playing their role in creating further precedent for the progression of this technology into the mainstream culture of acceptance and expectation of toilet provision and waste reduction at large camping festivals.


Natural Event has compact flat packing, highly transportable infrastructure made ready for deployment on short notice.

We can support immediate, short and medium term sanitation needs and facilitate the development of longer-term integrated community solutions.

Emergency response can be required in any community, however the impacts in the developing world are often more severe and prolonged.

Emergency Sanitation (Short Term / Rapid Response) – Acute Situation

When a natural event such as flooding, earthquakes, storms and fire, cause displacement and destruction to communities, the whole of society is traumatised. From the fires of drought stricken Victoria, the flooding of Queensland or Pakistan to earthquakes in Christchurch or Haiti, effective sanitation provision is often slow or inadequate to meet the needs of the devastated community and remaining infrastructure. As people deal with the primacy and the impact of a catastrophe the importance of effective and safe sanitation is often lower in the stakes of priority. However, for short to medium term recovery it is vital that safe and effective sanitation is in place to avoid a second wave of disaster through sickness and disease.Natural Events’ system and infrastructure is highly appropriate to provide; safe, effective and dignified sanitation solutions within this context. The durability and adaptability of its design sets it apart from other solutions which may be limited by access, site conditions and reliance on other infrastructure for cartage and safe treatment of the ‘waste’.

Integrated Community Solutions (Long Term) – Chronic Situation

Natural Event is providing support, advice and consultancy to Eco-San efforts in IDP Camps (internally displaced persons), Green Schools and new housing developments in Haiti following the devastating earthquake of January 2010. As the severity of the crisis changes from acute to chronic so does the context of the sanitation systems. Ultimately Eco-San within Haiti needs to encompass economic agricultural and community development to stand free of the reliance of ongoing relief support and funding.Natural Event is a key partner with Give Love , an NGO founded by Patricia Arquette, in Haiti and is working to develop sanitation systems that will create enterprise surrounding the innate value of this humic resource.Natural Event also has a partnership with Susana-Design, an inspirational business minded foundation in Norway, that is doing great sanitation and community enhancement work in Uganda and Kenya. Give Love

Toilet Twinning

Natural Event is proud to support Toilet Twinning, who is a simple, quirky way to solve a serious problem and save lives.

Toilet Twinning provides people in the poorest communities on the planet with a decent toilet, clean water and all the information they need to stay healthy. It’s the key to helping whole communities break free of the poverty trap. How does it work? For just £60, you can twin your loo with a latrine halfway around the world, in a country of your choosing. For £240, you can twin with a school block.

Your smallest room becomes the proud owner of a personalised certificate, complete with a colour photo of its twin and GPS coordinates so you can look up your twin on Google Maps.




Since 2009 Natural Event has developed and delivered the ‘Dunny Door’ program in schools. The program encourages integration with regional community festivals through the context of local and global sustainability issues, via the dunny door. Using the door as a canvas we provide the opportunity for the class to send their environmental message or inspiration to their community through their artwork on the toilets.

‘We have just completed our 3rd Dunny Door project with Natural Event, and it continues to grow from strength to strength. Art is a great vehicle for community engagement across many values and borders. Its universal language allows young people of all ages to express everything from their most practical ideas to their wildest dreams. Certainly we have seen this demonstrated across the entire spectrum as children from schools all over Knox – and this year in our pre-schools also – communicate about sustainability and biodiversity through Dunny Doors. The combination of in-school incursions, worms, poo, songs and stories, culminating in an art installation at one of our major community festivals, Stringybark, has created a compelling combination of information and creativity that has real potential to inform and create change.’ Malcolm Russell – Knox Shire Council (Dec 2011)

Natural Event’s skilled and knowledgeable staff cover a breadth of concepts and topics pitched accordingly to the level of the class. These include linking human habitation full circle to the water, soil & food chains through the composting of organic materials including ‘POO’.


For more information or to enquire about how we can be involved with your school or festival contact dunnydoor@naturalevent.com.au


We are looking for Team Managers, Drivers, Crew and Cleaners.

Natural Event has paid and volunteer positions at festivals and events in the UK from May to September. The collective name for the gang is ‘The Poo Crew’!

Crew are to assemble and dissemble our flat packing compost loo system, and maintain them during the events. Training is given, but moderate fitness and strength, plus practical aptitude are a must. We are also after crew with plant, heavy vehicle and trailer licenses. Work during the season is also probable in our Somerset depot, preparing equipment and loading trucks.

Cleaners work during the events, some coming a day or two early, and staying post event.

All staff must have the correct visa to work in the UK. Express your interest in a position through this form.

Who are you?

Well firstly someone who likes festivals. You have an interest in environmental living and practice, support the arts, might like painting, and enjoy physical work. You are practical, organized & capable of working in a team environment, leading at times and following instructions where necessary. You can handle the pressure of deadlines, and are willing to work to meet the need. You might play music yourself, but definitely enjoy traveling and camping with friends old and new. You need to be able to handle compliments given to you by random members of the public if they know you are on the Poo Crew. You like laughter.
Any extension on standard driver’s license, or machinery operator tickets are beneficial.

If you think you have any of these qualities and want to join the Poo Crew, please get in touch through this form.


Positions available mostly from October – April in southern states
May – August in North Qld
Contact: poocrew2@naturalevent.com.au

United Kingdom

Positions available mostly from May – September
Contact: poocrew2@naturalevent.co.uk

To express your interest in a season long crew, casual crew or cleaner position –  please get in touch through this form.

United States

Stay tuned…


Australia & New Zealand

Email: info@naturalevent.com.au
Bookings: Online Request form
Phone: +61 429 426 474 | Download our Info Booklet

United Kingdom/Europe

Email: info@naturalevent.co.uk
Bookings: Online Request form
Phone: +44 78 7989 5032 | Download our Info Booklet

United States

Email enquiries and expansion interest to: info@naturalevent.com


Australia & NZ: accountsdept@naturalevent.com.au
UK: accountsdept@naturalevent.co.uk

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